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The Mountain Ambulance Service first began serving the Communities of Breed, Doty, Mountain, and Riverview in 1971 when a small group of individuals got together and decided that the Towns needed an "Ambulance Service". That first year, the Service received a 50/50 funding from the Federal Ambulance Service to help purchase a 1971 ford van and radio.  This first ambulance found a home in garages all over, depending on who was "On Call".   After a couple of years and many fund raisers, the Service was able to purchase and build the current squad building located in Mountain.

When the Service received radio capabilities, the Town's each donated a pager that was then passed around to whom ever was "on call".  It wasn't until later that the Service was able to purchase the two-way radios/pagers that are in use today.

For those first thirteen years, the Mountain Ambulance Service co-sponsored bingo with the Mountain Fire Department and the V.F.W. Auxiliary to help pay for the new ambulances and to help with the purchase of new equipment.

From it's conception until December 31, 1995, the Mountain Ambulance Service, Inc., operated with no set budget or income, relying on fund raisers, donations, transport fees, and minimal Town contract fees.  On January 1, 1996, the Mountain Ambulance Service, Inc., became the Mountain Ambulance Service, owned and operated by the Townships of Mountain, Doty, & Riverview.

Located in the beautiful Nicolet National Forest, proudly serving the Towns of Doty, Mountain & Riverview since 1971
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